Whipsong award

One of the intrinsic talents of the free American is polemical writing. In the USA it has for some time been such a thing that they even have a traditional term for it: ‘whipsong’. Today’s award goes to Cold Fury:

They live behind the walls they mock us for hoping Trump will build, protected by phalanxes of guards armed with the AR15s they want to deny us access to, zooming past us in 40-car motorcades of bulletproof limos while the rest of us sit in snarled traffic and wait for them to pass so we can get to work three hours late… They have openly sneered at the very idea of meeting the first responsibility of any national government, which is to secure its borders and defend its people. They’re utterly convinced they’re much smarter than we are. And maybe they’re right. After all, we’ve let them get away with it so far.

So far.



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