Bye bye BBC

This morning I and the BBC parted company.

I did not switch on the radio (we have not had a TV here for over ten years) and will rely for news in future entirely upon the internet, or, failing that, short-wave listening.

The BBC’s lead news stories for the last week have all been made-up ‘tractor-stats’ about the NHS. All over the world shit is going down and all they have to say about it – in their usual hectoring, patrician tone – is that waiting times for patients in NHS Trusts in England and Wales, who have been diagnosed and are awaiting follow-up appointments for conditions other than cancer, have increased by 8%, and here is a representative of a trade union to announce that this means that the NHS is once again ‘In Crisis’.

The only radio news service which I have ever heard that came anywhere near the BBC for cognitive dissonance was Radio Tirana, from communist Albania, though it is fair to say that Radio Tirana’s frequency control was not quite as good as the BBC’s.

Even the determinedly Putinian Russia Today is better. It’s not that they cover things better than the BBC; it’s that they cover them at all. The BBC seems intent on maintaining a kind of hypnosis over the British people, in which they can perceive nothing except the constant flow of comforting pabulum being fed them by their betters.

I no longer wish even to visit the BBC’s Tellytubbyland, let alone live in it. The BBC has outlived its usefulness (it did this around 1945) and is now a cultural atrocity by means of which the wholly unrepresentative English ruling class expect to maintain a stranglehold upon the national psyche.

It should be abolished in its entirety at once, with worthwhile services like Radio 3 becoming available by subscription, and worthwhile TV shows like Doctor Who being hived off as specialist production companies.

It really is time that the Ministry of Truth took its place in the history books, along with all the other accoutrements and impedimenta of the Age of the Dictators.




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