With a name like that, maybe he should have ordered coffee

‘Twas but a few days ago that I remarked upon the case of the unsatisfactory fellow who called the police in the course of his tantrum over a teabag.

I was clearly not alone in remarking; here it is in Russia Today, since taken up by some freedom-loving Americans.

The damnable cheek of the Russians extends to calling this incident ‘the most British story ever’, while our American cousins, trying to be supportive, explain that

This guy is the reason people use the term “douchebag” in a derogatory manner.

All we need now is for this guy to be noticed by the French and the Chinese and we’ve got the whole damn Security Council.

I have never used Twitter because it seems to be for Twits. However, since the tea justice warrior is clearly one himself, any reader fluent in Twit and having access to Twitter might want to Tweet him with an appreciation of his service to his country’s international reputation: @RobLattarulo.



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