Follow *only* the yellow brick road


…why don’t we ban contact sports, motor sport, running, jumping, walking, or, indeed any activity that might, possibly, result in injury that will need treatment by our glorious socialised healthcare provider?

We will. And the ranks of the mighty public-sector unions will be swelled by the new army of enforcers.

There has been talk (I’m damned if I’ll rummage for hours in the fascists’ loathsome websites for a link, frankly) of not allowing anyone off the public highway at all –  and thus into places from which they might have to be expensively rescued – until they have been on an approved course, have bought approved insurance, and have submitted to being ‘guided’ in approved groups by an approved official.

And this is about walking. Everything else that Longrider mentions is already doomed.

Another indication of the official attitude to being out without one’s minder is the fact that despite receiving regular new covers, now featuring cheap stock-shots of po-faced self-righteous path-wreckers on mountain-bikes, Ordnance Survey maps have not been redrawn or updated for decades, and some are now dangerously out of date.

Perhaps the idea is to wean the public off the idea that they are allowed to know what is between the roads programmed into their satnavs, in case they might have the temerity to suppose that they are permitted to go there.



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