Fine article by Fred on the poor value for money offered by the American defense (hey, got it right!) establishment as presently constituted.

Though I am sympathetic to the American position it is clear that US policy is aligned far more closely with pragmatism than with principle on this point – what matters here is defense contractor jobs in marginal constituencies, not theoretical puff from bespectacled nerds at the Brookings Institute.

The challenge faced by anyone trying to change this is around finding something for US industry to do other than arming the place up to fight the war before last. Let’s face it, without the globalists’ aggressive hegemonising swarm [Banks] it’d be largely redundant.

Actually defending the USA in the 21st century, as opposed to desperately seeking a venue in which to re-enact WWII, would be an entirely different undertaking and would be a whole lot easier and cheaper.

Who in their right mind, or even some distance out of it, would try invading the USA? Hitler’s ‘rifle behind every blade of grass’ wouldn’t be in it:



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