All very well

Do please read this, by Daniel Greenfield at Sultan Knish. It is a complete, correct and concise statement of the problem and applies even more in class-ridden England than it does in the USA:

Utopia’s middle class expects to live the way that our middle class does. And yet none of them actually produce anything… Their public service actually inhibits production. Whatever the rhetoric, they spend all their days killing the geese that lay the golden eggs. And then they are insulted when the goose doesn’t recognize their contribution to her golden egg-laying.

I knew a goose once who laid a golden egg, but her friends persuaded her to see someone about it and she’s perfectly all right now.

Seriously, though. What are we going to do with a few million people who passed their exams, went to college, got a job-for-the-girls out of the Guardian and now expect to be paid by the state as though they were senior industrial managers to do whatever imaginary nonsense they profess? Even when this involves inhibiting, defacilitating, demotivating and generally rendering unserviceable what is left of British industry, and turning British society, entirely for their own purposes, into the major contribution to the theatre of the absurd which we see around us every day?

What are we actually going to do? It’s all very well to point fingers.


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