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Suedi Arabia

Zero Hedge carries the heartening news that a Mrs. DeSimone is at last suing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for having done no fewer than thirteen things which contributed to her husband’s murder by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001.

I sincerely hope that the relatives of all of those who were murdered or injured by Muslim terrorists on that day, and those of all other victims of Muslim terrorism, proceed similarly against the kingdom with the minimum of delay.

Any reasonable compensation would be chickenfeed to the Saudis, and so there is no reason for them to suppose that this is the end of the matter.

Personally I would always favour reducing Saudi Arabia to a self-illuminating glass car park, but I’m prepared to wait until everyone’s got their compo.



One for the spotters

As a former pilot, I ought to loathe reggie-spotters.

There’s this airfield, y’see, just outside London, and there I was on final approach, with the trees and the sewage farm (there’s always one of these; it’s doubtless a CAA requirement; it was in Those Magnificent Men, so it must be) safely behind me, and only the road across the runway threshold, with its low fences, between me and another ‘performance landing’.

And there was a reggie-spotter, his car pulled up on the road, and he himself standing exactly on the runway centreline. With a child on his shoulders, neatly lined up for today’s propeller decapitation incident.

Regrettably the Cessna is not equipped, as was the very desirable Il-2, with a reinforced propeller, and so I was obliged to throttle up, flap up and climb away for a go-around. Also lacking cannon and PTABs I was then obliged to land normally rather than go looking for the idiot’s now-departed car (ideally this would be done in pairs, two Il-2s making repeated opposing and very low firing passes across the road, the tactic being allegedly due originally to anarchist leader Nestor Makhno, who also invented the tachanka or fast maxim-gun cart with which it was first done in the early 1920s, and called nozhnytsi, ‘scissors’).

However since I stopped flying I have become a little less unsympathetic to this curious breed. It’s not fair to call them walts, as the Army might; they’re not frustrated pilots at all. More like frustrated air-traffic controllers, if anything. Like the train spotters, they only want to know.

“They can’t take what we know, can they?” [Gibson & Sterling: The Difference Engine]

The spotters were embarrassingly correct about the CIA’s ‘special rendition’ flights in and out of the UK, and have also exposed a number of other aeronautical shenanigans.

In that category I would place this. In summary, secret flights are delivering migrants to minor German airports in the dead of night; East Midlands airport is also mentioned in this context.

Night flights in poor conditions obviously tax the skills and resources of the spotter to the limit, but I know that our boys (I’ve never met a female one) will rise to the occasion. There’s all that new gadgetry to test, after all, and we mustn’t forget the DIYSIGINT community who so diligently record the outrage of ‘special’ pilots at ATCOs who ‘don’t know who I am’.

Answers on a postcard, please.

Look out, he’s got a matchbox!

I have mentioned before that I view individual defensive weapons as being in the same class of objects as fire extinguishers and first-aid boxes. We would prefer not to have to use them at all, but keep them ready because if they are ever needed they will be needed now, not in a few minutes’ time, because the situation will not allow those involved to wait for the arrival of an emergency service.

News of yet another ‘Allah Akhbar’ attack in the USA confirms this view.

It is clear that the enemy within, long accustomed to the lethal use of a breadknife, has now qualified on carving knives as well.

Since ‘our’ government and ‘our’ police, for their own political reasons, choose to regard criticism of this stripe of terrorism as a more serious crime than the terrorism itself, any attempt at self-defence against the terrorists will naturally be repressed with the utmost harshness, while media traitors continue to bleat obediently about a ‘religion of peace’.

We are therefore ‘behind enemy lines’ in our own country; it is as though we were escaped POWs, with every hand against us, and not even a Switzerland to escape to.

We must get tough. Captain Fairbairn, co-designer of the Fairbairn-Sykes and Applegate-Fairbairn fighting knives, wrote a book for British forces in WWII with exactly that title. In it, huge potato-faced members of the Nazi lumpenproletariat, officered by thin, monocled, cruel-looking Junkers, are knocked for six by heroic, if perhaps slightly less well-dressed, British fellows, mostly played by Kenneth More.

I commend to readers’ attention in particular his exposition upon the stick, since this is one of the few weapons one may get away with carrying in what is left of England, and also, for its ingenuity, the piece about how to disarm said cruel-looking Junker officer of his pistol when one is his prisoner, but is armed with an empty matchbox.

Fairbairn’s method of reliable unarmed killing is also likely to be appropriate to circumstances in which a surviving attacker will be treated as the ‘victim’ of the defender, and assisted by ‘society’ in pursuing that defender at law.

A secret army

Another day, another Civil Service ‘cock-up’ that just happens to benefit the enemy within.

Some chair-polisher at the MoD put up on their website a list of about 20,000 military personnel in reserve, cadet administration and similar rôles.

Breitbart reports:

The Army List has always been available… However… the MoD changed its policy in November 2015 to limit the publication of officers’ names to those at the one-star/brigadier level and above… Members of the armed services, reservists, and university trainees have been previously advised by the MoD to keep their military credentials off of social media. Soldiers were warned not to wear their uniforms in public following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby…in May 2013. The warning was reiterated after the attempted kidnap of a soldier outside an RAF base in Marham in Norfolk, East Anglia, by two Middle Eastern-appearing men. The suspects are yet to be apprehended.

This is not about this particular ‘cock-up’, but about the general response to enemy action.

Members of British armed forces are ordered to sneak around their own country, unarmed and in mufti. It must be that uniform and individual defensive weapons are seen as likely to offend someone, or even provoke them.

Someone like this, perhaps.

When the Scots were defeated by the English in the 18th century, they too were forbidden to wear their traditional clothing, and to carry arms. It is customary for conquerors thus to humiliate the conquered.

Of course it’s all right really, because

Officials at the MoD are understood to be considering deleting the current lists of service personnel from the government website.

Does anyone outside the Foreign Office know the Arabic for ‘Wayback Machine’?

All mouth and trousers

There is a story in Russia Today about how MI5 use a panel of experts (as, no doubt, would the BBC) to determine whether or not someone is going to become a ‘lone wolf terrorist’.

I had to read this story several times before I could persuade myself to believe it. Of course it might just be yet more security-theatre piffle. Then again the temptation to shovel public money at the index-linked pensions of the usual suspects must have been strong.

Citing the Sunday Times, RT says:

People selected for surveillance are chosen through intelligence gathered from the agency’s network of informants, as well as from the public.

The experts then search for signs of unusual activity such as an “increasing sense of grievance, a desire to acquire skills and tactics – an attempt to identify material for their plans and logistical practice and trial runs… it takes some doing to go from talking about carrying out a violent act like killing to actually doing it.”

Well, all I can say is that they’re dealing with very, very soft targets.

Of course it is true that the usual worthless Muslim youths are likely to brag on social media before committing atrocities, and that many are ‘all mouth and trousers’. However.

Anyone competent will always have used the regular internet, if they have ever used it at all, to create an impression of themselves as someone completely boring and ordinary. They will obtain the information they need using other means. They will never carry a cellphone of any kind. They will not draw attention to themselves by using Tor or realtime encryption. They will endeavour to become so trusted that they are allowed to approach their target unchallenged. And so forth.

The problem being that if this story is not merely bullshit MI5 will soon (being a publicly funded agency operating in secret and without any testable supervision) become so lazy as to rely entirely upon Muslim terrorists announcing their intentions on social media, and will make no effort to deal with those of any greater sophistication.

To whom the only response conceivably effective would be a personal firearm, drawn, aimed and fired only after the bloody savage has yelled “Allahu…”, but preferably before he can finish yelling “Akhbar!”.

We need fire extinguishers despite having a fire brigade.

We need first aid boxes despite having an ambulance service.

We need personal firearms despite having a police force.