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Feds Blunder In

It is being reported that the FBI seem to have sent a ‘deep black’ operative, complete with auld-lang-syne faked death and numberless gun, to assassinate Donald Trump.

Everyone says that the FBI likes Hillary; this of course because, like its gloomy-looking secret agent, she has one of those potato faces, and doesn’t sweat very much. J. Edgar had preferences.

Trump was of course elsewhere at the time, so it’s a moot point exactly who would have stopped a 9mm from Agent Bush’s silenced Glock had the clumsy oaf not been seized by security while allegedly fooling around with the service elevators. Perhaps, like Sherlock Holmes, Trump leaves silhouetted in a window a superb waxwork of himself, to be carefully turned every quarter of an hour, as bait for wannabe assassins.

Now everyone also says that it was the FBI who either (a) had JFK shot and/or (b) carefully looked the other way while somebody else shot him, so the question naturally arises of who they actually thought was riding through Dallas on that day.