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Let them eat Somlói Galuska

[Hungarian sponge cake with raisins, walnuts, rum, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, from fat-free, sugarless, zero-calorie Wikipedia]

Dick Puddlecote and Frank Davis agree that the government’s pudding curse is atrocious, but both confine themselves to the matter of theory involved. I maintain that any attempt to shame restaurants by naming them as those who serve large portions of delicious puddings will be, from the health nazi point of view, counterproductive.

Also I have to query Dick Puddlecote’s statement that

Marie Antoinette was slaughtered for less.

I thought that when she was told that the starving people had no bread, she suggested that they eat cake; this libertarian view, so clearly at odds with French revolutionary proto-socialist prescriptivism, was doubtless what doomed her.

But I agree wholeheartedly with Frank Davis that

Politics now, across the whole of Europe, is governments versus peoples.

The sole exception to this, I would suggest, being the government of Mr. Viktor Orban, who is being horribly denigrated by the lefty media for allowing his people to vote on EU migrant quotas, which is happening today. Here is his speech. I prefer not to quote or link to the liar-press, but would correct it on a number of points: Hungary is not a backward country, but has consistently led the world in technical fields such as electric traction; its people are not shambling, xenophobic peasants cowering beneath Dracula-like castles, but often intellectuals of the first rank in the world. During the Manhattan Project a joke was made that all of the best mathematicians were actually men from Mars, but pretended to be Hungarian so that nobody would question their accents.

Insulting such people as these because they chose to elect someone who will allow them to express their view of EU population-replacement programmes is likely to be about as counterproductive as ‘naming and shaming’ pudding-chefs. However, should the Hungarian people fail to welcome their being supplanted by an ancient enemy imported by distant bureaucrats, the campaign of vilification will doubtless continue.