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A secret army

Another day, another Civil Service ‘cock-up’ that just happens to benefit the enemy within.

Some chair-polisher at the MoD put up on their website a list of about 20,000 military personnel in reserve, cadet administration and similar rôles.

Breitbart reports:

The Army List has always been available… However… the MoD changed its policy in November 2015 to limit the publication of officers’ names to those at the one-star/brigadier level and above… Members of the armed services, reservists, and university trainees have been previously advised by the MoD to keep their military credentials off of social media. Soldiers were warned not to wear their uniforms in public following the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby…in May 2013. The warning was reiterated after the attempted kidnap of a soldier outside an RAF base in Marham in Norfolk, East Anglia, by two Middle Eastern-appearing men. The suspects are yet to be apprehended.

This is not about this particular ‘cock-up’, but about the general response to enemy action.

Members of British armed forces are ordered to sneak around their own country, unarmed and in mufti. It must be that uniform and individual defensive weapons are seen as likely to offend someone, or even provoke them.

Someone like this, perhaps.

When the Scots were defeated by the English in the 18th century, they too were forbidden to wear their traditional clothing, and to carry arms. It is customary for conquerors thus to humiliate the conquered.

Of course it’s all right really, because

Officials at the MoD are understood to be considering deleting the current lists of service personnel from the government website.

Does anyone outside the Foreign Office know the Arabic for ‘Wayback Machine’?