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A Southern Fairy Tale

Now, y’all ain’t gonna believe this shit…*

…there was a lot of concern at the fact that the police in parts of the USA saw fit to interpret their terms of reference rather broadly, to the extent of construing ‘self-defence’ to include ‘casually executing the unarmed and retreating, if disobedient and cheeky’. You Tube is full of examples. Most of the victims of this sort of thing were black.

Before long there was a protest group called ‘Black Lives Matter’. Their position at the time appeared to be that though in constitutional theory their lives were worth just as much as those of people of any other kind, in practical reality some police treated them like wild animals to be shot down on the basis of mere convenience, and that this was wrong.

On this basis they had my entire support, and my expectation that like their forebears in the 1960s civil rights movement they would protest with the immense and natural dignity of the African.

For a while they did, and then, rather like in the 1960s, the angry young men got the better of them.

There is a difference between spontaneously but unnecessarily, perhaps negligently, opening fire, when under stress and perhaps having been exposed to danger, and premeditatedly opening fire from ambush. It is the difference between manslaughter and murder.

To protest manslaughter, even multiple manslaughter, by multiple murder is simply disproportionate. When the murderer is a trained former soldier, and his victims are mere overequipped but undertrained police, it is an atrocity in military terms, albeit perhaps a minor one.

Now it appears that the organisation has issued a series of demands (this is only one example; there are many versions, some with as many as 60 demands), almost all of which start with forms of words such as ‘an end to…’ or ‘freedom from…’.

Such forms of words are intended to produce a grievance rather than a result. Results are obtained by presenting politicians with carefully-tailored demands for specific political action. E.g. instead of demanding ‘an end to European tyranny’ one ought to demand ‘the immediate repeal of the European Communities Act 1972’. This latter would have a measurable chance of success whereas the former, while satisfactorily simple and emotive, would not .

To phrase one’s demands thus suggests to me that one is not really serious about obtaining a result, and would rather in fact have a grievance.

Now it seems that splinter groups from the main movement are going further in demanding not only ‘reparations’ but also the southern states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina (not Florida. Nobody wants Florida).

This appears to be little more than deliberate provocation; it is a long way from the people of Texas toying with the idea of secession to the idea of evacuating these states so that they can be occupied by urban black people from the big cities, who have never yet seen them.

For myself I feel it would be quite appropriate for those black people who feel that they can no longer maintain the fiction of ‘integration’ to have their own place to live, though if it ever happens I’m sure it’ll be an urban area. The same would apply in Britain should the big cities of the former industrial north decide that they can no longer tolerate the proximity of the khuffar.

As to ‘reparations’, I’m damned if they’ll have a penny on that account. I’ve never owned a slave.

And if there’s any talk of avenging past wrongs, then I see no reason why they should not be repeated. I personally have never actually fired a .577/450 Martini-Henry (there was only one precious round, of the older rolled-foil type, and we were each grudgingly allowed to chamber it once, carefully, and eject it again, which is perhaps fortunate because this rifle is said to have had the most unpleasant recoil of any in British service history) and would very much prefer an SMLE No. 4.


  • this form of words identifies this post as a Southern Fairy Tale. Northern Fairy Tales begin “Once upon a time…”