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Femme fatale

One would normally say full marks to Metro news for being among the very few in the journalism line who know, and are prepared to let you know they know, that the correct term for a round of ammunition is round of ammunition and not ‘bullet’.

Those who know know that the round consists of the case, the primer, the propellant, and only then the bullet or other projectile. It is very rare indeed for the dumbers-down to fail in their mission to infantilise the public.

The only exception to this is in time of war, when all of a sudden bullets is replaced throughout by rounds, so that the suddenly combat-jacketed journalists will seem more genuine, more authoritative. As soon as peace breaks out, it’s bullets once again.

In this case I suppose that Metro received a report from the police which used the correct terminology, and just for once were so dedicated to the cause of truth (or so overdue for their elevenses) that they didn’t sub-edit it as usual.

Or, perhaps, that a state of war already exists.

Speaking of which, one cannot help but wonder why the slightly Bond-villainesque Ms. Tetteh happened to possess this unusual fashion accessory, and for whose attention it might one day have been marked.

On points such as these the police are, as ever, less than forthcoming.