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Right now

Cold Fury quotes the well-quoted Vladimir Putin:

“If they bomb even one city in Russia, I swear, in half an hour every Muslim will die”

and endorses this view:

I never respected the guy more, and can only wish we ourselves had someone in office as dedicated to maintaining his nation’s power, security, and general well-being even half as forcefully. Someone who could compete with this guy on his own terms, someone who would negotiate from a position not of contrite weakness, but of self-assurance and strength.

Hear hear, Sir!

Having read some history I’m convinced that what we (the civilised West) are facing is of historic proportion and is nothing less than an Islamic world-domination plan, financed by oil, planned by theocratic dinosaurs and executed by murderous, expendable subhumans unsuitable for any other employment. Only conflict between competing would-be ‘leaders of the Islamic world’, the Saudis and Qataris versus the Iranians versus the Turks, is slowing down its implementation.

For many decades this genocidal campaign has been facilitated in the West by virtue-signalling socialists of whom Angela Merkel perhaps provides the best example. Even now a significant minority of British people, albeit confined to rich and fashionable cities, still believe that as a nation we should continue to demonstrate our bona fides and attract good karma by allowing Islam to defeat us.

Soon – almost instantly, in historical terms – sides will have to be taken.

Vladimir Putin is more like us than the enemy is; very much more. His country has successful experience in dealing with barbarian hordes, throughout history and from both sides. It also contains some of the toughest and most courageous and determined people in the world.

We need (in the old-fashioned, pre-NLP sense of actual compulsive necessity) to be allies with these guys.

Right now.